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Top 5 Reasons To Enroll Your Child For Aloha Mind Math Classes


Math does not have to be boring!

A lot of us used to hate math growing up, but your child does not have to. Aloha Mind Math Canada presents a unique and a fun way to develop your child’s analytical abilities.

Aloha Mind Math is a holistic mental development process based on mental arithmetic system. It is an accredited international training program for children in the age group of 5 -13 years. This program enhances children’s learning abilities and develop mathematical skills. It aims at stimulating both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This assists in making the child’s thinking more efficient and effective.

Top 5 reasons for your child to enroll at Aloha Mind Math Classes:

  1. Stand out of the crowd: Your child will easily stand out of the crowd. As a matter of fact it will be easier to deal with math problems and homework on a regular basis, during their regular day school.
  2. Improved concentration: The mental math techniques practiced at Aloha Mind Math Canada improves the child’s concentration levels. The program is specially designed for children from ages 5-13 which is the time when their brain is the most receptive to growth.
  3. Observation and listening: One of the most sought-after character in today’s world in a person’s listening abilities. Aloha Mind Math Canada inculcates the culture of listening and the power of observation to their students at a young age. This proves to be a great fundamental block in the child’s overall development.
  4. Analytical Skills: Good analytical skills are a must for any student. Classes at Aloha Mind Math are full of activities, fun, visual and mental learning. Moreover, students are taught the skills which make them unleash their ability to calculate complex math problems within seconds, all without the use of calculators!
  5. Self Confidence: Mental Math program at Aloha Mind Math Canada is a holistic brain development program. It greatly improves the children’s self-confidence not only when it comes to numbers, but also in all other aspects of life.

Registration is now open for new batches. For more information call Aloha Mind Math Canada at +1 604-597-8663 or Email us at

Annual Aloha Competition in Alberta

The Annual Aloha mind math competition is approaching, and our students are working hard to prepare for the event.

The ceremony takes place on June 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome to come!

Come witness our students develop their minds and improve coordination between the two brain hemispheres.

The event will be taking place at THE GENESIS CENTRE,  COMMUNITY GYMNASIUM DOWNSTAIRS. Address : 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE #10, Calgary, AB T3J 0C9

Thank you for supporting your children in their education and mental growth; empowering them for a lifetime of success.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The present research found the cognitive abilities that are being enhanced by the Abacus Learning of Highter Arithmetic (ALOHA) among children are incredible. The statistical analyses have demonstrated the effectiveness of abacus training by showing improvement in the following seven abilities: concentration, problem solving, associative memory, working memory, concept formation, creativity and ability to create a mental image and perform operations (spatial ability). As these abilities develop, the children will also improve in their academic performance, increase speed and accuracy and help to create a genius discovering its power within. The findings of this research indicate that undergoing abacus training helps in academic excellence by improving the abilities required to get good grades. As the grades or marks obtained in the examination are generally considered as the level of achievement, the success in a performance gives confidence to the learner and motivates for higher achievement.

Another aspect of brain functioning that has implications for cognitive development is lateralization. Children use both their hands in handling the abacus and also to do visualization, during which, children learn to visualize the digits in the form of beads as in the abacus and do all the manipulations using visual imagery. In fact, the finding of the current research paved the way to label the ALOHA Programme as “The course of Cognitive development”.

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