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Wow, what a world of difference Aloha has made with my son Emerson, I truly was not sure this program would help him but I was wrong. Not only did Emerson’s mobility with the use of his hands increase, he memory amazes me and he LOVES numbers and he incorporates that in everything we do.

Maggie (parent)Emerson (student)

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new year resolutions for children

The Pros and Cons of New Year’s Resolutions for Children

New Year’s resolutions for children ages 5 to 12, when done well, can be a positive experience. However, if done poorly, they can set up a child to feel disappointed and inadequate, according to mother of three and family therapist Michele Southworth of the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia PA. Unkept New Year’s resolutions can be even […]

national competition aloha

4th National Mental Math Competition | Dec. 16, BC

Aloha Mind Math Canada is organizing its 4th National Mental Math Arithmetic Competition. After the huge success of the previous competitions, this year’s competition promises to be even bigger and better! All Aloha Mind Math Canada students are encouraged to participate in the competition and parents are invited too. The event will be an opportunity for […]

Benefits of Student Volunteering

Benefits Of Volunteering For Students

Getting involved in volunteering activities form a young age can reap in huge benefits on the overall development. Volunteering inculcates a sense of purpose and commitment in their life. There are various reasons why students should volunteer while they still go to school. Invaluable Experience Volunteering helps you gain invaluable work experience other than just […]

Motivation is the key to learning new skills! Aloha Mind Math, Canada.

Motivation – Key To Learning New Skills!

One who finds a way to keep them motivated is more likely to achieve greater success in life. Learning and motivation go hand in hand. The society we live in has set its certain boundaries and routines which one is expected to follow; going to school, passing your grades, following the timetable etc. are few […]

Learn Time Management Skills at Aloha Mind Math Canada.

Importance of Time Management for Students

Gone are the days when time used to be a liberal commodity. When you could sit for hours under the stars or you could play ball with your friends till eternity and still managed to get your homework done. Time Management is an essential life skill which plays a very important role not only in […]

How To Avoid ‘Back To School’ Blues!

You know your summer vacation was perfect when you slept until you wanted to; ate whenever you felt like; went out to play; and had a whole lot of fun with family and friends. But the vacation has now ended and it’s time to go ‘back to school’! The initial few days of getting back […]

Aoha Mind Math Brampton

Aloha Mind Math Brampton to Host Mental Math Competition in August

WHAT? Mental Math Competition WHEN? August 23, 2018. WHERE? Aloha Mind Math 375 Howden Blvd Brampton, Ontario Aloha Mind Math Brampton is getting ready to host its first Mental Math competition on August 23, 2018. Students can showcase their skills acquired during their training at Aloha Mind Math. Come, witness for yourself what Aloha means […]

Aloha Mind Math Canada

Top 5 Reasons To Enroll Your Child For Aloha Mind Math Classes

  Math does not have to be boring! A lot of us used to hate math growing up, but your child does not have to. Aloha Mind Math Canada presents a unique and a fun way to develop your child’s analytical abilities. Aloha Mind Math is a holistic mental development process based on mental arithmetic […]

After School Program Surrey

How to Teach Your Children to Do Mental Math

How to Teach Your Children to Do Mental Math It is important that everybody learn to do some calculations mentally when paper and pencil or a calculator is not handy. This article, Part 1, suggests a few beginning mental math strategies that a parent might help a child learn at home. Mental math should not […]

After School Program Surrey

ALOHA National Competition at Mirage Banquet Hall

You’re invited! Join us on March 5th for our National Competition at Mirage Banquet Hall (#201-17767 64 Ave surrey B.C.) Doors open at 11am Hope to see you there!

After School Program Surrey

Teaching Math : How Important is the concept of Sequence and an Individualized Pace

Teaching sequential math is just as important as teaching someone how to drive by showing them one step at a time. Sequence is Important Imagine if someone tried to teach you to drive by giving you the keys and telling you to drive home. Without learning basic skills like how to brake or use turn […]

After School Program Surrey

Learning math early on is important for student success

Math coaching for kids is highly important, research indicates. one of the abilities needed to achieve success inside the 21st century, basic math is becoming an increasingly important part of early formative years education. in line with the country wide affiliation for the training of younger youngsters, the maths skills that scholars study at a […]

After School Program Surrey

Abacus Math Classes

Call 1-844 88-ALOHA (25642)  to schedule a Free Session! Kids aged between 5 and 6 years are eligible for the ALOHA Junior program. This is a prime age for developing mental arithmetic skills. Students are provided Abacus Math Classes where they use Abacus and standardized books with a carefully structured syllabus for the little ones. The books are […]

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain – Which Part of Brain Are You?

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain – Which Part of Brain Are You? We all have only one brain, of course. Then why is there a left brain or right brain? If you want to know, then you are reading the right article. Okay, let me brief you up about the article. Our brain is divided […]


Let your child explore the power of Abacus + Science Projects + Arts & Craft this summer. ALOHA Mississauga offers Summer Camp for kids  5 – 13 years. Location: 512 Bristol Road W, Unit 9, Mississauga, ON Tel: (905) 267 5577 Email: Camp Details: Camp – 1 Date: 4th July – 8th July Time: […]

FREE MARCH BREAK PROGRAM – Abacus Math Week Awareness Program

Abacus Math Week Awareness Program. Learn about the Power of Abacus Training Program Duration: 14th (Mon) March – 18th (Fri) March Class Schedule: One and Half hour each day Timings: 10:30 am – 12:00 noon  / 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm Please call and confirm your seat: Mississauga: (905) 267 5577  and Brampton: (905)-454-3666