Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Here are some fun activities for Halloween. Have fun and stay safe.

Value of Pi

How Many Decimals of PI Does NASA Really Need?

How many decimals of Pi does NASA really need for its Mathematical calculations? Read this article to find out.

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster – Canadian American Physicist

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster (August 14, 1886 – March 11, 1950) was a Canadian-American physicist best known for his work in mass spectrometry and his discovery in 1935 of the uranium isotope 235U.

Bingo Math

Maths is Fun

Thanks to games such as Bingo Maths, it is no longer a boring and hated subject for children! By playing fun Bingo Maths games, children are taught to love and take an interest in arithmetic.

Pascal’s Triangle

One of the most interesting Number Patterns is Pascal’s Triangle a very interesting and useful number sequence.

Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is celebrating its 50th birthday. And with children being our future, and the planet’s, one of the best ways to commemorate the day that raises awareness about looking after the environment is to get them involved.