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Parent’s Testimonial

Wow, what a world of difference Aloha has made with my son Emerson, I truly was not sure this program would help him but I was wrong. Not only did Emerson’s mobility with the use of his hands increase, he memory amazes me and he LOVES numbers and he incorporates that in everything we do. Continue Reading

Maggie (parent)Emerson (student)

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At the end of each Program, children will have developed the same capacities and will have learned to solve the same operations with great speed. The difference between Tiny Tots and Kids is that Tiny Tots is for younger children and therefore the process is slower and longer. Students will receive a certificate for completion of certain level. ALOHA Mind Math program is complete in 3-5 years. By completing all levels, children are entirely prepared.

  • Kids Program is divided into 8 levels.
  • Each level has a duration of 3 – 4 months.
  • Kids program, to be aimed at children 8-13 years old, has a computation-oriented material.
  • Children attend classes once a week.
  • Children are expected to do their homework exercises daily at home for a minimum of 10 -15 mts, parental assistance may be required
  • Visible results after 6 months.
Age Group7 onwards
No. of Levels8 Levels
Duration of Each Level3 – 4 months
Class Schedule 2 (two) hour session once a week

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