Aloha Mind Math Canada - Franchise Opportunity

Aloha Mind Math Franchise: 7 Step Selection Process

Aloha Mind Math is offering franchise throughout Canada.

Aloha Mind Math is seeking first time and established entrepreneurs who wish to participate jointly in the development and growth of a business that has a requirement of Low Cost Investment and an opportunity of a reasonable profitability besides service to the community. Aloha Mind Math will provide all the elements necessary to ensure the correct implementation of the program in the area of exclusivity assigned to each franchisee.

Franchise Selection Process

  1. The candidate fills the franchise application in which he/she must specify its resources, motivations and skills for the acquisition of the franchise
  2. ALOHA Mental Arithmetic analyzes the franchise application in order to assess the suitability of the candidate.
  3. Candidates who pass the analysis phase maintain a telephone interview with the Expansion Department of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic. During this interview will clarify all questions that may arise by both the franchisee and the franchisor.
  4. ALOHA Mental Arithmetic performs an economic study to study the viability of the business in the area of interest.
  5. The selected maintain a personal interview which shall determine the granting of the franchise.
  6. Sending of pre-contractual information and the draft of the franchise contract. In this phase, ALOHA Mental Arithmetic may require documentation that may consider.
  7. Signing of the contract.

Own your own Aloha Mind Math Franchise

  • Low start up cost
  • Low operating expenses
  • Higher Income
  • Provides value to the society

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