Parent’s Testimonial

Aloha helps my child with mental math and he loves the mathematic class.

Kiranpal Dhillon (parent)Student: Gurshan

Angad enjoys aloha mental math it keeps his mind stimulated improving his math skills building confidence all in a very playful manner.

Gurmeet Singh (parent)Student Name: Angad

Angad enjoys aloha mental math it keeps his mind stimulated improving his math skills building confidence all in a very playful manner.

Satwinder (parent)Student: Harjun

Gurkaran likes the aloha class he knows and loves the math.

Simerjit Sekhon (parent)Student: Gurkaran

Jaskeerat really likes to go to Aloha he learned easy math tricks from there I feel his math skills improved now. He is getting good marks in his school curriculum. So according to our experience every child enjoyed going to Aloha for better learning.

Harmeet Kaur Bains (parent)Student: Jaskeerat

Jerry is doing really well in math, we have seen him as a keen math because of Aloha he is very good in mathe in school too, his mental skills have been improved a lot we love aloha!

Jatinder Sharma (parent)Student: Jerry Sharma

Teachers are very co-operative. My daughter likes the study environment and the staff. I like the way how they listen to parents and work on the weakness of the child. My daughter has started liking math which she used to hate earlier. I am very happy and satisfied.

Kamalpreet Arora (parent)Student: Jobina Arora

Aloha has helped my child to understand the math in a simple and effective way. After joining the Aloha Mind Math, my daughter’s confidence has increased about solving difficult maths problem. She is doing great in Maths because they have a great teachers too.

Mani Johal (parent)Student: Neera Johal

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Company Profile

ALOHA MIND MATH is a holistic mental development process based on a mental arithmetic system that has yielded truly amazing results for centuries. It is an accredited international training program for children in the age group of 5 -13 years that enhances their learning abilities and develops mathematical skills. It aims to stimulate both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which assists in making the child’s thinking more efficient and effective. Children who have completed this course have demonstrated greater concentration, listening ability, and analytical skills, aside from immense mathematical improvement.

Aloha Mind Math is advised by a panel of expert mathematical advisors. Along with Founder and President Mr. LohMun Sung. Aloha International has a qualified academic board with renowned professors and educators who work to provide engaging and efficient learning programs. 

The primary objective of Aloha is to provide a quality skill based Mental Arithmetic program incorporating the most advanced and innovative advances in education. This enables us to offer a valuable service to the community by contributing to the development of children while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. 

In response to the demand, Aloha International has embarked on a systematic development program designed to take Aloha to the masses all over the world by means of our considerable expertise, knowledge and resources in the field of Mental Arithmetic. Mental Arithmetic is a form of training that will enhance a child’s ability to perform calculations without the aid of any instruments. This training provides not only improved arithmetic skills, but also overall cognitive abilities and academic confidence.