Halloween Fun

Halloween is just around the corner.

Here are some fun activities for Halloween.

If you haven’t already then grab a pumpkin, carve it and share pictures of your carved pumpkins! Have an online pumpkin carving contest with friends and family

You could also share some great uses for the leftover Pumpkin after Halloween. Did someone say pie?

Here’s another.

A Halloween-themed puzzle challenges you to spot the only jack-o’-lantern without a nose — see if you can find it

Gergely Dudás’ vibrant illustrations challenge people to pay attention to details and find the one part of the drawing that’s not like the others. He’s hidden a panda among snowmen, a card among gift bags, a heart among elephants, a lollipop among ice cream, and a bunny among cats.

Halloween Puzzle

In his latest Halloween puzzle, Dudás drew a pumpkin patch full of jack-o’-lanterns, but only one is missing a nose. Can you pick it out of the crowd?

Take a look at the illustration:

Did you find the noseless jack-o’-lantern?

If you can’t, try again.

Still no sign of it?

Find the answer at: https://www.insider.com/halloween-brain-teaser-jack-o-lantern-gergely-dudas-2020-10

And last but not least – here’s a FREE download of some activity sheets for kids.

Happy Halloween and Stay Safe.

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