How To Avoid ‘Back To School’ Blues!

You know your summer vacation was perfect when you slept until you wanted to; ate whenever you felt like; went out to play; and had a whole lot of fun with family and friends. But the vacation has now ended and it’s time to go ‘back to school’!

The initial few days of getting back to the grind can be strenuous. New surroundings, classes, teachers, schedule etc. can be sometimes difficult to deal with. It is very important to ease into the routine rather than getting pushed into it.

To help develop the interest back to studies after a vacation, you must make sure that you are adept with your daily schedules first. Here are a few things to remember as you prepare to get back to school!

Ease Into The School Routine:

Try getting into the routine according to the school schedule a few days before the actual start date. This includes getting up early, getting ready, having enough time for breakfast before rushing out to the car or the school bus. This practice makes it easier to adapt to the new timings and will help to make the first day of the school go much smoother.

Pack Right:

Make sure you get in school with everything you might need. Make sure you have the basic stationary and supplies in your backpack such as pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, water bottle etc. Also look for any required forms, class schedule, bus schedule, campus map etc. and bring it along.

Meet New People:

On your first day back to school, you will see a lot of new faces in the campus. It is not uncommon for a child to be overwhelmed by the sudden change which includes new teachers, new students, new class etc. The best way to cope with this is to reach early on the day and try to interact with fellow students, teachers and staff. They are more than willing to talk as they are in the same situation as you are! Go early and make some new friends.

Plan Ahead:

The first day of the school might mean that a lot of information is being passed to you such as, the class schedule, the plan of action, instructions on the rules and regulations, break timings etc. Try to mark all important dates in a calendar and take notes on other important information as they will help you keep up to the task. And not fall behind the schedule in any way. 


Now, that you have taken care of the above, it is time to get going. School is the most important time of your lives. Learning new skills, achieving academic success, developing soft skills etc. are part and parcel of school and you must try to make the best of it.

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