The Concept

This program focuses on the complete brain development of children, as the brain is highly adaptive in children from 5 – 13. In this program, children may become so competent that they can solve over 50 math equations in under 10 minutes. The main objective of the course is to improve the latent, or unrealized capacity of the brain in your child and train your child’s mind to be more efficient and improve cognitive abilities.

In today’s competitive world, pressure for performance is more pervasive than ever,and more and more children are finding it difficult to keep up in schools. Aloha learning centres provide an alternative to traditional methods, which can be a fun and effective way to unleash the potential in your child, and give them a head start to succeed intellectually and boost academic confidence.

Why an ABACUS?

The abacus is a tool invented by the Mesopotamians, and improved as a mathematical tool by the Greek scholar Tetramachus. It was used in China for more than 900 years as a mathematical instrument. Today, it’s been found that the abacus is an incredible tool not only for math, but also for improving the overall performance of the human mind. Aloha programs use the abacus for teaching the basics of mental arithmetic and improving both right and left brain development, which is one of the keys to the Aloha methodology.

Mind Math


Aloha learning centres will not simply improve your child’s math skills, but lead to overall increases in school performance, academic confidence, and concentration skills.
The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, right and left.
Each of these halves control one side of the body, and each have specific cognitive functions. Typically, people only use the left hemisphere in their daily activities, including learning. With Aloha Mental arithmetic students exercise both hemispheres simultaneously during some of the most important stages in their mental development (between 5 and 13), which leads to improved mental capacity throughout their lives.

– Increases concentration and attention capacity
– Develops Creativity and Visualization capabilities
– Educated students solve arithmetic problems with speed and precision.
– Strengthens listening and observatory skills
– Develops the photographic memory and spatial orientation
– Builds self-confidence
– Improves analytical skills

The Process:

Aloha abacus learning is a five stage process:

Stage 1: Students discover the basic operations of the abacus
Stage 2: Using the abacus, students begin to perform calculations.
Stage 3: Gradually, students learn to visualize the abacus in their heads, and use this mental image to make calculations. This accelerates the processing power of the students mind by stimulating the right and left brain simultaneously.
Stage 4: With practice, our students are able to perform abacus-based calculations entirely in their minds
Stage 5: At the end of the program, out students can complete complex abacus based problems, without the aid of any instruments. At this point in the program, Aloha students have exercised their minds in a way that allows for unique and superior cognitive function.