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Wow, what a world of difference Aloha has made with my son Emerson, I truly was not sure this program would help him but I was wrong. Not only did Emerson’s mobility with the use of his hands increase, he memory amazes me and he LOVES numbers and he incorporates that in everything we do. Continue Reading

Maggie (parent)Emerson (student)

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After school activities can be really beneficial for children especially when they learn and try new things for themselves.

Abacus Math Training Benefits


Learn about the benefits of using an Abacus to enhance Math skills.

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Here are some fun activities for Halloween. Have fun and stay safe.

Value of Pi

How Many Decimals of PI Does NASA Really Need?

How many decimals of Pi does NASA really need for its Mathematical calculations? Read this article to find out.

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster – Canadian American Physicist

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster (August 14, 1886 – March 11, 1950) was a Canadian-American physicist best known for his work in mass spectrometry and his discovery in 1935 of the uranium isotope 235U.

Bingo Math

Maths is Fun

Thanks to games such as Bingo Maths, it is no longer a boring and hated subject for children! By playing fun Bingo Maths games, children are taught to love and take an interest in arithmetic.

Pascal’s Triangle

One of the most interesting Number Patterns is Pascal’s Triangle a very interesting and useful number sequence.

Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is celebrating its 50th birthday. And with children being our future, and the planet’s, one of the best ways to commemorate the day that raises awareness about looking after the environment is to get them involved.

“Knowledge Monday” by Aloha Mind Math Canada

15% Discount For Registrations On May 11

ALOHA Mental Math Competition – Fort McMurray

Join us for ALOHA’s mental math competition on May 11, 2019 at MacDonald Island Park, Fort McMurray, Alberta. All Aloha Mind Math Canada students are encouraged to participate in the competition and parents are invited too. The event will be an opportunity for students to learn and grow as while testing their competitiveness and of […]


Vaisakhi Parade Returns to Surrey this Saturday!

The annual Vaisakhi Parade, taking place on April 20, 2019 in Surrey, British Columbia, will once again host a joyous and a lively and celebratory event that marks the birth of the Sikh faith, pays tribute to the harvest and commemorates one of the most important days in the Sikh calendar, the creation of the […]

International Competition China

International Competition 2019 – China!

This year, China is ready to host all of our international students at ALOHA’s biggest annual event. We are preparing an unforgettable celebration. You can’t miss this! Registration will be open until 20th May, 2019 Step on it! It’s easy to register for the event. You just have to follow some simple steps: 1. Invite your parents to […]

Train your brain at Aloha Mind Math Canada

Harness the brain’s full potential at ALOHA

Let’s understand how our brain works! The left and right hemispheres of the brain perform different functions and most people use one side more than the other. ALOHA Mind Math introduces techniques to stimulate the development of both hemispheres together and tap into that previously under-used potential. The left hemisphere, or ‘logical side’, has the capacity for […]

abacus learning - aloha mind math

What is Abacus Learning?

The abacus is a tool invented by the Mesopotamians, and improved as a mathematical tool by the Greek scholar Tetramachus. It was used in China for more than 900 years as a mathematical instrument. Abacus is an incredible tool not only for math calculation but the process of calculation also improves the overall performance of […]

Aloha Mind Math Canada Programs

Aloha Mind Math Programs – Tiny Tots & Kids

The “Tiny Tots” program designed for children aged 5-7. This program is divided into 10 levels, with a duration of 3-4 months for each level. Because this program is aimed at younger children, it is paced to be slower than our “kids” program, but out Tiny Tots finish at the same level as our students. […]

Aloha Mind Math Canada - Franchise Opportunity

Aloha Mind Math Franchise: 7 Step Selection Process

Aloha Mind Math is offering franchise throughout Canada. Aloha Mind Math is seeking first time and established entrepreneurs who wish to participate jointly in the development and growth of a business that has a requirement of Low Cost Investment and an opportunity of a reasonable profitability besides service to the community. Aloha Mind Math will provide all the elements […]

new year resolutions for children

The Pros and Cons of New Year’s Resolutions for Children

New Year’s resolutions for children ages 5 to 12, when done well, can be a positive experience. However, if done poorly, they can set up a child to feel disappointed and inadequate, according to mother of three and family therapist Michele Southworth of the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia PA. Unkept New Year’s resolutions can be even […]